DailyDish - Getting Kids to be Thankful

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It won't kill your kids to say thanks one day a year -- here's how to make it happen.
A harvest display featuring a trio of fall fruits.
In my family when I was growing up, we had a tradition that got even the kids thinking about why we had gathered together. Before we dug into the food heaped before us, we went around the tables and each of us announced what we were thankful for and why. We also couldn't just list our toys or favorite television show; it had to be something meaningful.

Including the kids in this ritual meant that they too had to think about all the things they had to be thankful for. I think it also meant the grown-ups got to have a chuckle at what the wee ones considered important, but that's beside the point. We want our kids to grow up to be considerate, caring people who acknowledge how fortunate they really are.


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