Britney Spears Bored With Her Structured Life

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Britney SpearsBritney Spears has something to say about her new, more structured life. In typical Britney style, she's not holding anything back:

"I think it's too in-control," she says in Britney: For the Record, a new documentary about her life. "If I wasn't under the restraints I'm under, I'd feel so liberated. When I tell them the way I feel, it's like they hear but they're not really listening."

"They," I can only assume are her parents and managers. Britney's dad, Jaime Spears, has had control of Britney's estate since her much-publicized meltdown. But far from being grateful for his hand in getting her career back on track and, maybe more importantly, her boys back in her life, Britney takes another shot:

"Even when you go to jail, y'know, there's the time when you're going to get out. But in this situation, it's never-ending. It's just like Groundhog Day' all over again."

Laugh or cry? It's a toss up. Britney's clearly still Britney underneath that toned and cleaned up exterior. But isn't there at least a kernel of truth in her words? Grown-up life is a lot less free and spontaneous than living la vida loca. I'm not so old that I can't remember days that began after 10 A.M. and ended well after last call.

But while responsibility can be a drag, there's contentment in living a thoughtful, measured life, and especially, I think, in raising children. Britney's recovery is in its early stages, and hopefully she'll find that balance between building a structured life for her and her boys and still finding ways fulfill her wild streak at the same time.

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