Dad Fights Pit Bull to Save Daughter

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pit bullThis is one of those stories that sends chills down my spine. It has a happy ending - but just barely.

31-year-old Steven Hehr of Gladstone, Oregon was visiting with some friends in Happy Valley when he heard his seven-year-old daughter, Jayda, screaming outside. He ran out to investigate and found her literally in the clutches of an angry pit bull. The 90-pound dog's jaws were clamped on to Jayda's thigh as it tried to drag her from the tire swing on which she was playing.

Using his bare hands, Hehr pried the dog's mouth open and forced it to release his daughter. While Jayda ran to safety, the dog turned on Hehr. He managed to get the dog in a headlock and pin it to the ground while a friend beat it with an aluminum baseball bat. The dog didn't let up and the holding and beating continued until Clackamas County sheriff's Deputy Greg Martin showed up and did what had to be done - he shot the dog dead.

Jayda suffered severe lacerations to her lower leg and puncture wounds to her thigh and will require surgery to repair the damage. Her father dislocated a shoulder in the struggle and suffered bite wounds to his hands, chest, legs and arms.

But it could have been so much worse. "Had it not been for the father being present and pulling the dog from the child, that girl most probably would not have survived the attack," said Deputy Martin.

The dog's owner, Rick Harrison of Gresham, has not been charged with a crime, but could still face civil action from Hehr. I, for one, hope he is required to pay in some way for what his dog did to that little girl and her father.

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