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Want to enjoy a turkey dinner without slaving away all day in the kitchen?turkey dinner
This year, our Thanksgiving celebration will be very small. It's just the three of us - myself, my husband and eight-year-old Ellie. While it might seem like a lot of work to prepare a feast for such a small gathering, going out to dinner just doesn't seem very Thanksgiving-y.

But wait! There is another option. Our friends at Luxist have compiled a helpful list of companies who will deliver to your home a fully cooked Thanksgiving turkey with the trimmings of your choice. Prices start at just $70 and go up from there depending on how many people will be served and how many side dishes you desire. Some of the offerings are a little non-traditional (Turducken anyone?), but the old favorites are there as well.

Having a fully cooked gourmet meal delivered to my home might just make missing my family a little more bearable.


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