Hot Wheels Have Heart

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A selection of toy carsHow often do you get to hear about a major corporation really doing the right thing without being forced into it? Well, here's one such instance. Young Jonathan Reyes has autism. He also had more than five hundred Hot Wheels cars. Unfortunately, all of them were turned to ashes when his home burned in a Los Angeles County wildfire.

Last week, however, the seven-year-old got a boost on rebuilding his collection. Two boxes arrived at his grandparents' door and inside were play sets, stickers, t-shirts, and hundreds of Hot Wheels cars. The treasure trove was a gift from Mattel, the company that makes Hot Wheels. "We wanted to send as many as possible," said Deborah Dicochea, of the Mattel Children's Foundation. "With autistic children, they like sorting them, arranging them."

"It's wonderful, because he literally lost every toy he had," said Jonathan's mother Jan. "He had a personal attachment to all of his toys. Part of autism is they have a little connection to everything and his biggest thing was to his cars. For Mattel to send him the cars and tracks, it's just incredible. He is so happy." Kudos to Mattel for making a big difference in a little boy's life.


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