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Reese WitherspoonGot a little princess and a free weekend ahead? Try your hand at making her a castle. -- Alphamom

Ready or not, here it (Christmas shopping, that is) comes! Get some hints with Babble's holiday gift guide. -- Babble

Traveling with baby over Thanksgiving? Don't get stuck in the air without something you need. -- BabyCenter

Reese Witherspoon on the paparazzi: My kids "have been treated terribly." Could you handle life in the celebrity fish bowl? -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Pediatricians say never to mix medicine in a bottle, because your child may not finish it. Behold, the solution: The Medibottle. -- LilSugar

Put these on your Christmas list -- bright coats and scarves. -- Mom Finds

Has the financial crisis put your personal budget into a tight spot? Learn how to how to renegotiate your mortgage. -- MomLogic

Primetime parents are adopting. How is Hollywood handling this sensitive issue? -- Mommy Track'd

Working parents know that commuting is sometimes a necessary evil. Do you love yours for the peace and quiet, or resent the time spent away from family? -- Work it, Mom!


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