Denmark May Ban Circumcision

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A pair of old scissorsCircumcision is definitely a controversial topic, both here in the United States and elsewhere around the world. In Denmark, however, if politicians have their way, all of the controversy will be moot -- circumcision will be banned. Circumcision of girls has already been banned but boys may still be circumcised under the supervision of a doctor.

Several political groups are in favor, but some are calling the idea "tyranny". Jesper Langballe of the Danish People's Party said "It's completely ridiculous to compare the circumcision of girls - which is a barbaric mutilation - with that of boys, where it's just the removal of a skin flap."

Even within the People's Party, however, there is no consensus -- the party's health spokeswoman, Liselott Brixt, says "A lot of parents want it done to their children because they themselves had it done. But we're living in the present and it isn't fair to expose healthy children to religious circumcision."

Personally, I agree that male and female circumcision are completely different, but I am also not completely convinced of a need for male circumcision. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

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