Teacher Sells Advertising on Tests

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multiple choice testWhile many of us have just recently started feeling the pinch of these tough tough economic times, teachers have been feeling it for some time. Slashed budgets and increased class sizes have many educators struggling to make ends meet in the classroom. But one teacher at Rancho Bernardo High School in California has come up with a unique way to stretch his ever-diminishing budget.

When the Poway Unified School District cut teacher's printing budgets to $300 per two semesters, calculus teacher Tom Farber found himself more than $200 short of what he needs to print tests and handouts for his class. Rather than ask parents to chip in, he decided to reach out to area businesses and offer them the opportunity to advertise on his tests sheets.

His rates are reasonable - $10 for a spot on a quiz sheet, $20 for a chapter test and $30 for a semester final. He prefers to seeks out local mom and pop operations, but says he wouldn't rule out major retailers or chains. And his students seem to like it and look forward to the one-liners on the bottom of their test sheets. "It's really interesting to see what it is each time," said 16-year-old Kevin Change.

Farber's idea is working so well, he has more than made up for his budget shortfall. In fact, he's donating the extra money to the math department for other teachers to use.

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