Unknown Teen Lands Role on New Rosie O'Donell Show

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Actress and television personality Rosie O'Donell

Remember how mad some of you got when I wrote about Will Smith securing the rights to the Karate Kid movie for his son, Jaden? Well, those of you should get some vindication out of the fact that Rosie O'Donell has cast a virtual--OK, total--unknown in her latest endeavor.

The former host of The View and one-time VH1 comedian (yes, you do remember that, don't you?) is set to star in a variety show on television any time now. She's also starring in a Lifetime original movie. Apparently, she was hanging around a restaurant in Detroit Michigan when she spied seventeen-year-old Philip Johnson hanging out there, too. Rosie quipped the young lad should audition for her show--and, he did.

Now Johnson is set to appear as a teenager with, you guess it, "problems" opposite O'Donell's therapist character. He feels incredible lucky, and, when interviewed, said it still hadn't hit him that he was going to be on television. So there you have it--Hollywood fairy tales DO from time to time come true. Good luck to Philip--who knows, maybe he'll be the next big thing! My question, though--what the heck was Rosie O'Donell doing in Detroit?

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