What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner (Don't Let the Turkey Upstage You)

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Thanksgiving can be a tough day to dress for; if you're cooking, you want to be cool and comfortable (and honestly, machine washable). But if you and your family will be guests in someone else's home, you need to an outfit that allows you to wrangle kids, indoors and out.

Oh and you need to look nice because someone is going to suggest taking a family picture at some point during the day.

How can you marry practical with stylish and also leave room for an extra helping of pie? Simple -- choose pieces that are functional and comfortable and then dress them up with accessories.

The easiest thing to wear for Thanksgiving day (or any day, really) is a dress; a dress is so very simple (one piece and you're out the door!) and can be functional and pretty all at once. A dress also gives you ample eating room (and yes, that matters) without binding.

If you're going to have to build snowmen or take a long nature hike with the kids, layer your dress over wool tights and boots; pile on a big sweater for extra warmth. If you will be somewhere warm this year, pair your dress with flats and a light cardigan for outdoor adventures. Or -- even better -- opt for the traditional gendered division of labor and send the men to supervise outdoor play while you stay inside and keep an eye on the turkey and visit with your sisters-in-law.

If you're more of a jeans-and-a-sweater mom, even on Thanksgiving, you can still dress that up; add a little bling to your outfit, to make it more special. A big pretty pin dresses up a cardigan, while a necklace is great over a tee. And fancy earrings will show up well in photos, making you look festive and pretty. Pull out the big guns for Turkey Day -- those gigantic pearls you never wear, or that pin you inherited from your grandmother. Thanksgiving is a celebration, so why not be festive!

What should you avoid for Thanksgiving dinner? Anything that doesn't fit well to start with, particularly through the waist and hips; anything dry clean only, especially if you will be helping with the dinner or tending to wee children; anything that looks schlumpy and frumpy (no sweatshirts or yoga pants -- try harder, please). This Thanksgiving, put as much effort into dressing yourself as you put into dressing the turkey -- you'll be glad you did when you see that family photo.


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