Does Twilight Send Teen Girls a Bad Message?

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

The seems to think it does. Twilight, for those of you who've been living under a rock, is the now-big screen movie event of the season based on Stephanie Meyers' novel of the same name. It concerns the romance between a teenage girl and a vampire, albeit one who doesn't try to suck her blood. Despite the fact that Edward Cullen, the vamp in question, is undead, the story plays out essentially like any romance.

Well, from what I've read--and this would include a synopsis of the film and multiple reviews (I've not had the pleasure of reading Ms. Meyers' novels nor will I ever get out to the cinema with a child under two months old to contend with to see the current movie)--the romance actually seems to be a holdover from yesteryear. Apparently--AND YES, SPOILER ALERT HERE--the heroine of the film, Bella, needs to be rescued quite often by Edward. He saves her from vampires, and I'm sure at one point from herself. A more modern take in Hollywood these days is that the heroine can save herself, doesn't need anyone to save her and, in fact, can (and does) save the guy too.

Danielle Douvikas, the Contra Costa Times Teen Correspondent, says the film portrays women as needy and not being able to get along without a man. Douvikas mainly seems annoyed that in the books Bella and Edward spend a lot of time telling each other that they love each other--teens don't love sappy???--but she does bring up an interesting point that Bella puts Edward above her friends and family when she's only known him for, like, a month. Douvikas was also tweaked that Edward watches Bella's every move--even when she sleeps, which I find creepy as well. Vampire or not, if a guy did that to my daughter I'd say it was grounds for a restraining order.

What do you think? Are Stephanie Meyers' books, and the movie version of Twilight, sexist? Would you approve of your daughter going out with that type of guy (assuming he is not a vampire)?

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