Mom Brands Daughter a Wimp

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The burning end of a cigarette.These days, given that I'm married and have three kids, I try to keep my violent nature suppressed. Most of the time, I succeed pretty well, but every once in a while I come across a story that makes me want to dig out the electric carving knife and start slicing off body parts. This, sadly, is one such story.

Tammy Smith, a forty-three-year-old mother from West Virginia, got angry at her six-year-old daughter when the girl tripped and fell. Instead of comforting the girl and checking for injuries, Smith decided to use her cigarette to burn the word "Wimp" into her daughter's neck. According to Detective Shawn Allman, "The 'i' was even dotted."

Why she would get upset at her daughter for falling down I can't even imagine. Perhaps the girl, having skinned her knee or banged her arm, began to cry. Maybe she was just scared. Whatever the case, and even if her reaction was more than the injury warranted, there is simply no excuse for hurting the girl further, let alone scarring her for life.

Luckily, a teacher saw the scar and got in touch with social services. The police were called in and the girl was taken into protective custody; she will be placed in foster care. Her mother, meanwhile, has been arrested and faces ten felony charges, including felony child abuse and malicious assault. If convicted, she could be sentenced to a maximum of only seventy-five years in prison.

If you ask me, she would be getting off very lightly with such a sentence. If I were tasked with meting out her punishment, seventy-five years in prison would seem like winning the lottery.

Should this mom ever see her kid again?
With enough counseling and education, she could get her daughter back776 (3.7%)
Yes, under supervision, but she should never be able to regain custody4589 (21.8%)
No, she should be locked up for life and never see anyone, let alone her daughter8259 (39.3%)
The girl shouldn't even have to know where the body is buried.7381 (35.1%)

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