Angelina Jolie Controls the Press to Protect Her Family

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Actress Angelina JolieWe like to think that all the nice things we read about celebrities are true. We also, whether we admit it or not, like to read about the not-so-nice parts of their lives--such gossip, whether factual or not, makes us feel a little bit better about our own lives: money can't buy love, etc. Anyone entering the lustrous world of Hollywood knows their personal life will remain so for little longer, and everything they do will become fodder for the masses.

But that's not so for Angelina Jolie. Although she and her publicist would say otherwise, it seems pretty obvious that the star of The Changeling tries--often successfully--to manipulate the press. It has been said that Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt chose People Magazine to share the first pictures of newborn twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline because the publication agreed not to print anything negative about the family in that issue or in the future. Rumor further has it People also agreed to no longer refer to the Jolie-Pitts as "Brangelina," a moniker the couple understandably hates.

People says the rumors aren't true and that they were not told they could only get the pics by agreeing to make nice with mama Jolie and her brood. People paid out $14 million for the pics, which supposedly went to charity. It was the highest amount of money paid by a publication for pics of a celebrity baby.


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