This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful for Bedtime

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sleeping childA friend called the other day. "It's disturbing to me," she said, "how much I look forward to bedtime."

I concurred. There are definitely days when bedtime can't come soon enough. OK, who am I kidding? There are days when I start counting the hours until bedtime at breakfast.

It's not that we want our numbered days to pass more quickly, not at all. It's just that post-bedtime is the only time during the day when our thoughts and our bodies are our own. If the kids get down by a reasonable hour, I can easily squeeze in 2-3 hours of grown-up time before collapsing onto my own pillow.

But that's not why I'm thankful for bedtime. I'm thankful because there's just something special about a sleeping child. I check on my kids every night before I go to bed, and more often than not, I linger. I marvel at how sleep turns my big five-year-old back into a round cheeked baby. And how my motormouth three-year-old can look so peaceful and still. I kiss long eyelashes resting on rosy cheeks.

Bedtime brings out the best of the mother in me, the one who can't believe how much she loves these two small people in her care. It makes me soft, and it erases the parts of the day that I want to forget: the bad behavior (on their part and mine), the arguing, the worry, the rushing around, the exhaustion.

Bedtime cleans the slate so that, no matter what, we can all wake up tomorrow sure in the knowledge that just as the sun always rises, we do and always will love each other without measure.


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