Blue Man Group Opens Elementary School

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blue man group handprintIf you live in New York City and can afford just over $27,000 a year for private school, you now have another option for your elementary-aged student. The founders of Blue Man Group and their wives recently opened Blue School in the East Village.

Chris Wink, Phil Stanton and Matt Goldman, otherwise known as the Blue Men, founded the school on the belief that the ability to think creatively and take risks will translate into success later in life. "It isn't that we just think that teaching the arts would be 'nice,' " said Chris Wink. "What all the professions out there need are creative thinkers and good collaborators."

The school encourages hands-on learning in a fun environment that makes use of black lights, yards of plastic tubing and a padded "wonder room" with a light-up floor.

The school opened in September with kindergarten and early-childhood classes and next year will include first-grade. The plan is to add a grade each year up to grade five. "It's for a new generation of kids who aren't taught to the test but taught how to be creative problems solvers," said Blue School teacher Nancy Simko.

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