Celebrity Baby Names and Thanksgiving Goodness - Links We Love

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turkeyHave to hide your camera from your kids? Give them their own this year, but check out these reviews first. -- AlphaMom

Are you still recovering from a Thanksgiving spent with family? Read Kevin Keck's meditation on the generation gap. Do we ever all speak the same language? Do we need to?

Looking for the perfect, yet economical, gift? Check out this gift guide -- everything's under $10! -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Here's something fun -- the Celebrity Baby Name Map. Find out which celebrity babies are geographically named.

Baby keeping you up all night? Here are five easy tips for getting her back to sleep. -- LilSugar

You know you have a fridge full of Thanksgiving leftovers. Here's how to make the most of them. -- MomLogic

What happens when sharing custody with your ex means holidays without the kids? Kristen shares her thoughts. -- Work it, Mom!

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