When Should Christmas Decorations Go Up?

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christmas ornamentAs I am sure you've noticed, many stores have had their Christmas decorations up since well before Halloween. Even Ellie - who loves Christmas like an eight-year-old should - is annoyed by that. Her dislike of this premature hall-decking may have been influenced by my own feelings on the subject, but still. October is orange and yellow, not red and green.

But now that we've got Thanksgiving under our belts, I think we can legitimately consider hauling out the holiday decorations. Or can we? I've been asking around to see when my friends and neighbors feel is the right time to begin bedecking and the results are mixed.

Just about everyone agrees that any time before Thanksgiving is just jumping the gun. Many start stringing lights and trimming trees the day after Thanksgiving. Others prefer to wait until about two weeks prior to Christmas. I've settled on a compromise. My outdoor lights are going up this weekend. The indoor stuff will wait until mid-December. When do you deck your halls?

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