Ellen DeGeneres Tries to Out Mariah Carey's Pregnancy

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Mariah CareyHere's a tip, celebrities: Got a secret you're trying to keep? Don't go visit Ellen DeGeneres, at least not in front of the television cameras.

Mariah Carey, battling rumors that she and husband Nick Cannon are expecting, recently visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show. When Ellen asked Mariah if she was pregnant, Mimi demurred, "We don't discuss that." So Ellen reached behind her and pulled out a bottle of champagne. "Let's toast to you not being pregnant, if you're not pregnant."

"I can't believe you did this to me, Ellen," Mariah complained, after giving a whole list of reasons why she couldn't drink it. Finally, she took a tiny, fake sip. Ellen looked victorious and said, "You're pregnant!"

So is she or isn't she? And maybe more importantly, is Ellen a clever detective or just being a jerk? Do we really need to know when celeb parents are expecting before they're ready to tell us? What do you think?

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