Grandparents Are Safest Caregivers

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Old rocker on the porch of an old Texaco station off of Highway 61 near Charleston, South Carolina.Not able to shell out thousands of dollars to pay for a daycare service? Feeling guilty about getting your kids' grandparents to match them while you're at work? Well, now you can make them feel guilty should they say no, given the results of a new study published in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

It turns out that having grandparents take care of kids cuts their risk of childhood injury in half. In fact, kids are safer with grandparents than in daycare or even with a stay-at-home mom. "Recent growth in the number of grandparents providing childcare has some observers concerned they don't adhere to modern safety practices," says Dr. David Bishai who led the research team. "To the contrary, this research tells us not only is there no evidence to support this assumption, but families that choose grandparents to care for their children experience fewer child injuries."

Of course, it sounds good on paper, but did these researchers take into account the impact of grandmothers giving kids a week's worth of cookies and ice cream with their lunch everyday? I didn't think so.

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