Reese Witherspoon Won't Spoil Her Kids This Christmas

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Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon recently told BBC News that she doesn't intend to spoil her kids this Christmas. "I'm a little strict about that kind of stuff," says Reese. "I think kids do best when they only have a couple of things that they really enjoy. I try and stay away from the gluttony of things. They don't appreciate it as much. When they only get one or two things, they really like it."

Of course, one of those "one or two things" just may be a horse, so don't go thinking that Reese skimps too much on Christmas. Her daughter, Ava, 9, asked for a horse (What nine-year-old girl doesn't?), but Mom is still "on the fence."

Though there will be no living four-legged creatures under the tree for my kids this year, I do agree with Reese's sentiment that less is more when it comes to presents. It's so tempting to go for the big surprise on Christmas morning, but I know that when my kids get too much, the toys get pushed aside so quickly that they never really get a chance to enjoy them.

This year, I'm really trying to limit the toys under our tree to four packages -- one "wow" gift, a game, a craft, and this year, a cooking activity for both of them. I find myself tempted to buy more, but I think this will be just the right amount to keep them busy and happy Christmas morning, without creating chaos in our playroom.

What about you? Are you more like Reese and buy just a few things, or do your kids wake up to a room full of gifts on Christmas Day?

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