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What do I leave the house without? Practically everything. Learn from my mistakes and be prepared.red purse

When I had a diaper bag, I was prepared for anything. But once we outgrew that little blue bag, I never made the transition from always prepared parent of babies to always prepared parent of kids. During our first season of soccer, one of my friends always brought an extra snack for my three-year-old, because she knew I would forget.

In my defense, I always remembered the soccer gear. I know. It's not much of a defense.

I'll never be the mom who has a purse full of things to fill your every need. But am learning to pack a snack, grab a few tissues, and remember either our small bag of crayons or our Leapster if there's going to be a long wait.

Check out this list of things that moms of kids need to carry, and tell us what you'd add to it.

This week on DailyDish, we're talking about things you never leave the house without. Check back daily for more tips!


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