Nine-Year-Old Publishes Advice Book

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Well, this is certainly a first. Publishers Weekly is reporting that nine-year-old Alec Greven is publishing a book. The fourth grader from Castle Rock, Colorado, wrote the book "How to Talk to Girls" at the tender age of eight, and it has been snapped up by publishing giant Harper Collins' Collins imprint. The youngster's attempt to provide advice reminds me somewhat of Lucy from the Peanuts and her "The doctor is in" sign, but my guess is Alec's advice is a little less smug.

Greven composed the book as part of a school assignment. From there it passed from teacher to principal and eventually made its way into the hands of none other than Ellen Degeneres, who invited Greven to her show, before it was claimed by Harper Collins. The book is one of three Alec has planned. Harper Collins has asked him for two sequels -- "How to Talk to Moms" and "How to Talk to Dads."

Alec, in the true spirit of giving, is donating part of the advances for both sequels to a charity, Stand Up 2 Cancer, in the hope of helping them raise $100,000.

Harper Collins is betting that "How to Talk to Girls," which retails for about $10.00, will appeal to folks of all ages and sell well during the holiday season. It's often been noted that children have a special way of observing things, so I'm sure Alec's insight will be appealing to many adults. After all, a lot of fully-grown men I know don't know how to talk to girls!

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