Parents Defy Experts, Let Tots Watch TV

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kid watching TVDespite warnings that watching television is bad for kids, parents continue to allow their children to veg out in front of the boob tube, even while they eat.

According to an Australian study of 10,000 children from across that country, at least one-third of that number regularly eats a meal in front of the TV. The study also revealed that kids are watching as many as nine hours of television programming each week.

TV isn't the only evil Aussie parents are allowing their offspring to indulge in -- apparently, one out of every 10 parents allow their 7-year-olds to have a computer in their bedrooms. The kids are using their computers for homework, of course, but also to play games and entertain themselves by watching DVDs.

My kid is more tech-savvy than I am sometimes -- you should see her use the track pad on my laptop. And I'm certainly not shy about letting her watch TV, although we tend to keep to PBS and educational shows. Winter afternoons are long on the prairie, folks, and cold, too. We need something to do.

Do I feel guilty about it? Sometimes. Do I turn the desktop and TV off and do crafts and bake cookies, or read? Often. So it balances out.

How about you? Does your kid watch TV and use the Internet? Why or why not?
Does your kid watch TV?
Yes, it's the best babysitter in town!43 (29.9%)
Never, we don't even have a TV!7 (4.9%)
In moderation, and with supervision94 (65.3%)

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