Shackled Teen Shows Up At California Gym

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manaclesAn emaciated 17-year-old boy showed up at a California gym with a shackle around his bleeding ankle, and begged workers there to protect him from the couple he says held him captive and tortured him.

Half-naked and covered with soot and feces, the boy also had a 3-foot chain wrapped around his ankle. Detectives believe the boy ran away from a group home in Sacramento last year, to look for his family.

Arrested were Michael Schumacher and his wife, Kelly Lau. The Tracy, Calif. couple are charged with imprisoning and torturing the boy in their home, located just blocks away from the gym where the boy showed up in his boxer shorts. Their four children were removed from their home, and they are being held on $1 million bail each.

Police were expected to question the boy further after he is treated at an area hospital, and are also looking for the boy's aunt. It is unclear at this time how the boy ended up in Tracy, which is 70 miles south of Sacramento.

Workers at the In-Shape Gym in Tracy said the boy was "totally terrified" and repeatedly begged staffers not to "let them get me."

Schumacher is a general contractor, and Lau describes herself as a stay-at-home mom on her MySpace page, according to the New York Daily News. I wonder if she'll update her profile to add "torturer."

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