Christina Aguilera's Tough Life, Sarah Palin's Accessories and Homemade Gift Baskets

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Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera, mom to 11-month-old Max, now knows what the rest of us know: It's "tough" being a working mom.

After a case of the ringworm, had to wonder: Is Chuck E. Cheese really as clean and safe as it seems? Get ready for...GROSS! -- MomLogic

The VP candidate that keeps on giving, uh, taking. More Sarah Palin accessories spending revealed to the tune of another $30K. -- National Journal

There's nothing worse than a store clerk trying to upsell your child. "I probably should have pointed out that I'm the one with the credit card, not the ten-year-old boy..." -- Jennifer Niesslein's Internet Presence

Check out what women across the country had to say about when they get their best ideas. Says Marsha from Baltimore: "I get my best ideas when I am doing my hair, makeup or I'm in the shower." You? -- LemonDrop

Is there a better way to go after cyber-bullying? Or is this the kind of troublemaking, however nefarious, the government shouldn't try to punish? -- Slate

Homemade gift baskets used to be great gifts for the people in your life who have everything. Now, they're great because, well, money is tight and it's just getting tighter. Here, 10 great ideas-- WorkIt Mom


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