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Keep some change in your car just in case.
Clothes drying on a line in a field
Last weekend, on the way home from swim class, we stopped off in the coastal town of Pacifica to watch the waves for a while. The waves seemed to be much larger than usual and even when normal, they are inspiring to watch. My daughter, my older son, and I stood at the end of a dead-end street, near the seawall while my wife stayed in the car with the baby.

After my daughter Sara caught a bit of spray, she and I moved back about fifteen feet from where the waves were breaking. My son Jared, however, decided to stay closer to the railing where he could see better. All of a sudden, a huge wave broke and drenched us all. Even Sara and I, as far back as we were, got pretty wet; Jared looked like he had put his clothes on while still in the swimming pool.

We went over to the car where my wife was waiting with that "I Told You So!" look. Luckily, she had a complete set of clothes in the back of the minivan in plastic Ziploc bags for each of the kids. (I guess she figured I ought to know better.) Having the dry clothes turned an unpleasant ride home into a grand adventure for my son and a traumatic experience into something my daughter could laugh at.

Whether for weathering big waves, making a quick change after an impromptu stop at a muddy park, or freshening up after a little too much dim sum takes its toll, keep a spare change of clothes in the car for each kid (and you might want to consider one for the big kid too.)


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