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babyAbsolutely must commit commerce with your child in tow? Here are five tips to save your sanity. How do you Christmas shop without your kids catching one? -- AlphaMom

Most popular baby girl's name Emma holds on to her #1 slot for yet another year. BabyCenter announces the top 100 baby names for 2008.

Jonny Lee Miller and Michelle Hicks welcome son welcomed son Buster Timothy on December 3rd. Congratulations! -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Teen girls suspended for taking and "accidentally" distributing naked photos of themselves. I wonder if they've found themselves "accidentally" grounded and without cell phone privileges, too. -- MomLogic

Speaking of sex, a Texan minister asked his congregation to have more of it last month, every day for a week, in fact. But is making sex an obligation really the best way to relight a tired flame? -- Mommy Track'd

The notorious Bratz dolls may have finally met their match. A recent ruling could mean that the pouty dolls are pulled from the shelves at the end of the year. -- The Motherhood

'Tis the season to force your kids into holiday wear for a family picture. Check out these tips for sending the perfect holiday card. -- Lemondrop

You've got $20 to spend, but want to make it look like $40. We get it, we really do ... and so here are some gift ideas to get you started. -- Work it, Mom!

Christmas is but a few short weeks away. Spend some of that time building childhood memories to last a lifetime. -- Holidash

Hanukkah starts December 21st. Share the holiday with your little one with one of these child-friendly menorahs. -- LilSugar


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