Homemade Gift Wrap

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A roll of paper from IkeaIf you've got kids, chances are you know that "butcher paper" -- the rolls of paper that butchers use to wrap your meat -- is good for more than packing up steaks. You might even have a roll for your kids to draw and paint on. You can get smaller, easier-to-handle rolls at toy or craft stores (even Ikea sells them), or go for the full-size roll at a store like Costco.

Aside from all the wonderful pictures your kids will provide you, they can also make their own wrapping paper. Simply cut off as much as you need to wrap that special present, hand the kids some markers (washable, of course!), and let them have at it. When they're done, flip the paper over, put your gift in the middle, and wrap it up.

Aside from the cost savings, each present can have its own, custom artwork specially drawn with the recipient in mind. It is said that it's the thought that counts and it would be hard to come up with a more thoughtful way to wrap a present.

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