Photo Cards or Traditional Cards?

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One of the most fun things I used to do every holiday season was head to Barnes and Noble (or wherever) and pick out holiday cards to send to friends and family. More often than not we choose "Holiday Greetings" instead of "Merry Christmas" since we have so many friends of different religious persuasions. It always irked me that the holiday cards were never as pretty or as fun as those designed specifically for Christmas or Hanukkah, but once I had children I found a way around that: The holiday photo card. You know you've gotten at least one of these picture cards, whose subjects are generally the children dressed, perhaps, in festive attire. On occasion the whole family is pictured, looking not unlike something from Olan Mills. I was thinking of doing one this year with us dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Claus with the kids (now that there are two of them) dressed as elves and the dogs dressed as reindeer. Then my husband asked me if I was high.

Anyway, these cards are very common nowadays if not classic or traditional. They're fun to send, can include updates to those you haven't spoken to for a while about what your family has been up to for the past year, and, frankly, are a lot less expensive than buying box upon box of Christmas cards that come only eight, ten or twelve to a set. (Unless you shell out for Christmas costumes.) But, are they really "proper" to send? I certainly think so. I love seeing how other people's children change year to year, and I feel like they may be a tad cheesy but really are very sweet. Unless the recipient doesn't like kids. Or you purchase cards of a weird shape, weight or size that costs extra postage to send. Or your friends and family are fundamental traditionalists who do not want to see a picture of your kid dressed as a reindeer but rather a peaceful, moonlight winter wonderland setting.

Actually, I can't think of any reason why the photo cards wouldn't be a great thing to send, except for the fact that it's really hard to ignore all those beautiful cards at the store. They sparkle and shine and have cute sayings on them I could never come up with on my own. I suppose the one downside to the photo cards is getting your subjects to sit still long enough to capture them on film--er, digitally. Then there's the matter of being capable of uploading the picture to your computer and then to the site from which you're purchasing the cards. I did it once and the most complicated thing about the process was getting my nine-month-old son to sit on my lap AND get my husband to smile at the same time. It truly was a Christmas miracle.

What kind of cards are you sending this year?
Photo cards - people love to see the kids.81 (60.4%)
Regular cards - who had time to get a picture?22 (16.4%)
E cards - better for the environment.5 (3.7%)
Ugh I don't have time for holiday cards.26 (19.4%)

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