Teacher Binds Girls' Hands and Feet to Teach About Slavery

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chalkboardI'm all for a hands-on teaching experience. I think kids can get so much more from touching, experimenting, and doing than they can from books and lectures. But when a hands-on moment humiliates a child, it's taking things way too far.

A seventh-grade social studies teacher who was teaching a lesson on slavery wanted her students to understand the experience a little more clearly. So she bound the hands and feet of two girls in her classroom and had them crawl under a desk. Whether or not the girls volunteered for the activity isn't clear, but what is plain as day is that at least one of the girls felt wronged by the teacher's actions.

The 13-year-old and her mother met with school officials to complain about the incident and brought a representative from the NAACP to the meeting. The teacher is white, the two girls are black, though the superintendent points out that they were not the only black students in the class.

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There are a lot of red flags in this story, but I think that the teacher crossed the line the minute she bound the girls' hands and feet. Even if they were game for the activity at first, they may not have realized how vulnerable it was going to make them feel. This teacher obviously needs a lesson in sensitivity.

Have you ever had a teacher cross the line with your child?

Do you think this teacher should be disciplined?
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No. She was just trying to use a creative teaching method.2998 (31.7%)
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