Car Towed With Girl Inside - Tow Truck Operators Charged

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A Tow TruckSometimes you get home and open up your package and find a little something extra in there. Sometimes it's a good thing, sometimes not. I think for tow truck drivers Jason Bryant and Derek Miller, what they found in the car they towed turned out to be a bad thing for them. They came across a car, double-parked, unlocked, and with the engine running, and proceeded to tow the vehicle without incident.

When they got the car back to the yard, however, they discovered a two-year-old girl in the back. It seems the girl's mother had left her in the car while she ran inside to have a chat. Along came the tow truck and, well, that was that. And now, the two drivers are being charged with felony child endangerment.

If you ask me, it should be the mother who gets hit with the child endangerment charge. She's actually very lucky that it was a couple of honest tow truck drivers that took the car and not a car thief -- a car unlocked and running is a big temptation.

Who should be charged with child endangerment?
The tow truck drivers -- they should have noticed the kid331 (2.1%)
The mom -- she should have never left her daughter alone in the car8097 (52.5%)
Both -- they're both negligent and should be punished6436 (41.7%)
Neither -- it was an honest mistake and no harm was done554 (3.6%)

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