Nude Cheerleaders Sue School

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Rachel Campos-Duffy

What would you do if your high school daughter:

1. Took a nude picture of herself
2. "Accidently" texted it to someone
3. Found out it was being widely distributed at school
4. Was kicked off the cheer squad for violating the athletic code

Why, sue the school, of course!

Yes, behavior that would once shame a family and land a teenager a four-month grounding and some serious chores is now grist for a family-bonding lawsuit.

According to the families' attorney, they are suing for the girls to be reinstated to the squad and for the incident to be expunged from their school records. They also want an apology from the district for neglecting to discipline the football players and students who viewed the photos and circulated them to their friends via text, since it is a violation of state child porn laws to distribute nude photos of a minor.

The bottom line is that what the girls did was wrong and dumb in the age of internet and text messaging. What the boys did was mean and illegal. What the adult parents are doing is absurd!

This suit is the kind of perverse parenting that has landed us a generation of kids who, according to a recent Josephson Institute study on high school ethics, are not only alarmingly dishonest (i.e. a full 30% have stolen from a store!), but they are overwhelmingly (93%) satisfied with their own ethics.

Immature teens and high school scandals are nothing new. When these incidents happen, kids need adults who will hold them to a higher standard. Instead of backing up the school for enforcing their athletic code, their parents demand an apology and even financial compensation because other students were not disciplined.

Sadly, their decision to sue is an even greater disservice to their daughters, precluding them from enjoying the only positive results that can come from an embarrassing and formative event like this in a young person's life -- the potential for growth and character building.

Perhaps it is the parents who should be sued for incompetence.

Who should be punished in this situation?
Only the girls - it was their bad decision.255 (38.6%)
The other kids - they participated.58 (8.8%)
The parents - they are clearly irresponsible.52 (7.9%)
Oh the whole thing is just horrible.296 (44.8%)

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