Ticketed for Speeding on the way to the Delivery Room

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police hatWe live three blocks from the hospital where I gave birth the second time. THREE BLOCKS. But when I was in labor, it seemed like three miles ... and also like it took three hours for my husband to find a parking place.

It's hard to imagine, then, being stopped and ticketed by a policeman for speeding on your way to the delivery room. (Who doesn't speed at least a little when there's a pregnant woman in the car about to give birth?)

Jennifer Davis and her husband were told by two state troopers to use the breakdown lane to get to the hospital, but then a different officer pulled them over and issued them a $100 ticket -- wait, here's the best part -- after making them wait while he ticketed someone else.

I'm jittery just thinking about it, poor Jennifer. The couple made it to the hospital and welcomed daughter Charlotte safely. You can watch Jennifer share her experience over at LilSugar.

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