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As mentioned in the Best Stocking Stuffer post, buying gifts for your loved ones this Christmas or Hanukkah, stocking stuffer variety or otherwise, can be a real chore. What should be fun and festive becomes harder and harder each year, to the point where we're left with little but exasperation over what to get someone. That said, though it should seem pretty obvious, there are some gifts that should never be given during the holidays, or as gifts at all.

Buying someone deodorant or other "utility items" as my husband likes to call them, are a no no. Sure, maybe your grandma can get away with giving you some foot powder--heck, it's better than the soap on a rope you got last year!--but for the rest of us anything related to personal hygiene, including smelling nice, is a no go. And speaking of smelling nice, well, perfume/cologne is generally a bad idea too. It's hard to pick out a fragrance that the recipient will not only like but that smells nice and isn't exorbitantly priced. After all, we're talking about what essentially amounts to scented water. Unless it's a scent you know for a fact the recipient is just pining over, then go for a more solid choice.

Mints sort of fall into the hygiene area. Sure they're the perfect taste for the holiday season--what says holidays if peppermint or wint-o-mint doesn't--but mints can also telegraph that the recipient's breath smells. Ties aren't awful but they sure are boring, as are socks, unless you know the recipient prefers those wacky multi-color ones with the toes in them. Last but not least, gift certificates are considered the kiss of death for many even though I happen to like them. Just make sure you get a certificate that doesn't expire and isn't from one of the myriad companies filing for bankruptcy.

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