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When the weather outside is frightful, shopping online is simply delightful!

christmas, present, shopping online, online sales, kids, holidayThere are many reason to shop online for your holiday treasures, the main one being you take care of your list while curled up on the couch in your fleecy pajamas watching old black and white movies. And this year retailers are knocking themselves out with fabulous offers like free shipping to entice you to press that "buy" button.

However, before you finalize your order, minimize that window and open another to a search engine. Put in the name of the store you are ordering from, along with: "promotional code" or "discount code". Many times there are offers printed in catalogs or other literature that helpful elves have shared online.

That extra second or two could add up to some big savings and that's worth celebrating!

This week Daily Dish is sharing ways to celebrate through a recession. Check back tomorrow for another tip!


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