Free Shipping Day - Procrastinators Take Note!

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Those of you who have finished your Christmas shopping and are now lounging on your sofa gazing at your beautifully decorated tree can just skip this post. The rest of you might want to pay attention.

Even with the advent of online shopping, I manage to put off my Christmas shopping to the point of panic every year. This year is no different and I am actually planning my panic in advance. Somewhere during the week of December 15th, I will realize that it's time to get my butt in gear and place my online orders before it is too late to take advantage of all the free shipping deals. I may be a world-class procrastinator, but I am also very frugal.

Paying $30 to overnight a $15 toy is not a fiscally responsible move. If you want to avoid that and still put things off until the last minute, you need to know when that last minute is. That is where Free Shipping Day comes in. They have joined forces with a long list of retailers to offer free shipping and guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve on orders placed on or before December 18th. In addition, the site lists over 250 other online merchants and their cutoff dates for standard and express shipping with delivery by Christmas Eve.

So, go ahead and take a nap or just watch some television. You still have plenty of time to procrastinate.

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