Toddler Makes a Toy of Himself

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If you've ever tried to grab a prize from one of those claw and crane toy vending machines, then you know it is impossible. No matter how many quarters you drop in the slot, that evil machine is not giving up that stuffed animal you've got your eye on. And I can tell you from personal experience that no amount of swearing will change the outcome.

If the frustration of repeated defeat can make a grown person swear at an inanimate object, you can imagine what it would do to a toddler. I am guessing that this 2½-year-old boy in Australia had reached his breaking point when he decided that if a prize wasn't coming down that chute, then he was going up the chute to get it himself. It was great plan and he managed to get inside the machine where presumably he grabbed the object of his desire.

Unfortunately, getting in was a lot easier than getting out and he quickly found himself stuck among the stuffies. As amused bystanders (and his embarrassed parents) looked on, firefighters rescued the boy by cutting off the machine's padlock and prying open the glass door.

You've got to give him credit for ingenuity and persistence. And in the end, it all paid off. After releasing him from his glass prison, a sympathetic fireman handed over one of the plush toys he so badly wanted.

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