Doesn't Anyone Sing Silent Night Any More?!?

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My children have their Christmas musical extravaganza this weekend -- they have been practicing for weeks. A while back, they came home with a little booklet of lyrics and directions for how to download the songs from iTunes, if we wanted to practice at home, or just familiarize ourselves with the music.

Because apparently, kids don't just sing Christmas carols any more.

Last year's holiday pageant was a super cute retelling of the Christmas story, complete with dancing barn animals (my older son was a chicken) and all the other usual characters (my OTHER son was a star, which apparently is what you do when there are too many kids for them ALL to be angels). The show was adorable and the kids did a great job and it was over in 30 minutes, which made us all happy.

But there were no traditional carols.My sons know all the carols -- they can sing all the verses of The Twelve Days of Christmas, they know the words to Silent Night and Away in a Manger, and there's nothing funnier than singing Deck the Halls REALLY REALLY LOUDLY (at least not when you're six and eight). This morning, on the way to school, we were listening to Hark the Herald Angels Sing in the car, and my six-year-old said, "I know this song!"

"Are you singing it in your play this weekend?" I asked.

"No, Mom, we're singing those other songs, from the computer. Remember?"

Sigh. Yes, I remember.

I also remember when I was a kid and we sang Christmas carols at Christmas -- and before you blame the liberals for taking God out of school, let me tell you that my kids go to Catholic school; they talk about Jesus every single day. But instead of singing carols about his birth, they'll be singing Happy Birthday to him this weekend.

What about your kids -- are traditional carols a thing of holiday pageants past? Are your kids performing stuff from iTunes, or classics from church?

In this year's pageant, my kids will be singing ...
Christmas carols - the classics.34 (32.1%)
kid-friendly holiday music NOT about Jesus.29 (27.4%)
songs about Jesus that are NOT traditional carols.14 (13.2%)
OMG your school has a MUSIC PROGRAM!?!29 (27.4%)

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