Project Runway Star Says It's OK to Play Favorites

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Laura BennettIf anyone is qualified to speak on matters of motherhood, it's a woman who has six children. Project Runway finalist Laura Bennett brought a half-dozen people into this world, and now she has a refreshing take on playing favorites with your kids.

Not only is it OK, Bennett says, it just might push your kids to work a little bit harder at succeeding, both as children and as adults. She cites one friend whose brother was so clearly the family favorite that it gave birth to a burning ambition in his sister, a drive that's served her well in the professional world.

Bennett reveals that she has "A List," and that her brood is well aware of her preferences at any given point -- so much so that they "compete" to be top of the heap.

As one of three kids, and the eldest, I am well aware of the dynamic of which Bennett speaks. For years I blackmailed my younger sister for telling me once, in a fit of pique, that "mom loves me best." Oh, man, did I get mileage out of that one.

We also had an inside joke about who was "No. 1" in my parents' eyes. While my sister was the favorite when we were younger, I held the title for nearly a decade during my 20s. My poor brother always comes in a distant third.

I have two kids of my own, and my daughter was an only child for many years. Now that she has a baby brother, she works a little harder to maintain her position in our family's rankings. While the baby's personality is still being revealed, I'm certain they will be different -- and therefore, I will react to them differently.

In my opinion, any parent who claims "I love them all the same" is an outright liar.

So what about you? Are you the favorite? Do you play favorites with your kids?
Do you have a favorite child?
Yes, and I don't make a secret of it!26 (12.9%)
No, that's terrible!88 (43.6%)
It depends on how they are behaving!88 (43.6%)

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