Gwyneth Paltrow - Did She or Didn't She?

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Gwyneth PaltrowPregnancy changes things, that's a fact. When it comes to breasts, it can really change things for some women. Suddenly, things that used to perk suddenly point south. You hope upon hope that after you finish breastfeeding, everything will return to the upright position, but many women find themselves sorely disappointed.

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those women. After her daughter Apple was born, she came out in favor of breast implants. "I think women who have breastfed understand what I'm saying - that if you get a boob job it's more reconstructive surgery, actually, than constructive surgery." Recent photos on the cover of Gotham suggest that she recently took herself up on her word.

New boobs for Christmas? Can't say I blame her. What about you -- if you had the time, money, and a really good surgeon, would you consider putting the bust back into your bustline?

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Would you consider having breast surgery?
Yes! At least if I had the time and money.117 (61.9%)
No. I'm happy with my commitment to a good push-up bra. 22 (11.6%)
No. I'm a natural beauty who accepts the changes motherhood has made to my body.40 (21.2%)
Other -- share with us in comments.10 (5.3%)

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