Baby Born From Transplanted Ovary

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Fractal ovaries

I hate to say it's a miracle, but by heavens, IT'S A MIRACLE! Well, actually, it's science. A baby girl has been born after a twin donated an ovary to her sister, who was infertile. According to reports, this is the first time the ovary transplant leading to a live birth was a success.

Doctors in St. Louis, Missouri, were able to transplant an ovary from one twin to another after the 38-year-old sister went into early menopause at age 15. The complete ovary was frozen, and then, after being transplanted, attached via tiny, tiny veins to ensure proper blood flow. Similar procedures have been attempted before, but not using an entire transplanted ovary.

This procedure, in fact, could--and in one case did--restore a woman's fertility, or extend it, which of course are pretty controversial topics. Women are having children later and later in life and could theoretically have an ovary removed, freeze it, then pop it back in when they're ready to have kids! Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, which could damage or destroy ovaries, could have the ovary removed and replaced after the treatment.


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