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Welcome to Dishing it Out, ParentDish's weekly food column. Katie Workman lives in New York City with her husband and two boys, Jack and Charlie. By day she is the Editor-in Chief of the recipe website Cookstr.com. You can read all of the Dishing it Out posts here.

Does this sound familiar: It's 4:00. You haven't thought about dinner yet. The mere whisper of the idea gives you a clenchy feeling in the pit of your stomach, so you push it away, and focus on something else. Now it's 4:23. Still no inspiration. Clenchy feeling starts to turn into dread. Finish an email, finish the laundry, finish something else. Now it's 4:49. Take out menus or frozen dinners make an appearance, yet again.

Oh, yeah, we've all been there. And been there again. Those pesky kids always seem to want a meal at the end of the day, EVERY day. Go figure.

So here's a little gift to all of us. Five dishes that you can not only make in advance, but -- in the case of the Hungarian Goulash and the Chilli -- that actually get even better with a day or two in the fridge. They are all simple, inexpensive, and kid-friendly. Pick out one or two meals, tackle them on Sunday, and tuck them in the fridge. Isn't it nice to have a head start on the week, especially at this time of year?

These recipes are from Cookstr.com, created by some of the best cookbook authors and chefs out there.

A crowd-pleasing beef stew -- Hungarian Goulash
A warming chili -- Cornbread-Topped Chilli Con Carne
Indoor barbecue for the winter -- Chicken with Barbecue Sauce
Everyone's favorite -- Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese
Only called Ritzy because of the Ritz crackers! -- Ritzy Chicken Nuggets

Let me know which ones you try! And let me know what recipes you are looking for -- we've got thousands!

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