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The holidays--they're the best time of year, and the worst. They bring out the best in all of us, and the worst too. How to get through them Hopefully with more grace than Jack Daniels (see Christmas Vacation for reference). And, yes, there is holiday etiquette to help us with the former. I know all about the etiquette of writing a thank you note, but what about holiday cards? Needless to say, something that seems so simple gets rather complicated when there is little time, too much selection and everyone has a different religion!

I wanted to send out photo cards this year instead of the regular traditional fold over variety, but encountered the same problem as with the regular cards--you get either religious Catholic/Christian cards, which are beautiful but don't exactly work for my Jewish friends, or you go with the generic holiday/season greetings cards, which are frankly pretty bland and never cute.

Then there's the matter of who gets a holiday card. Do you reserve cards for family only? Include some friends? What about colleagues? Add all those folks up and you could end up with a lot of addressing to do! Which brings up another question--in the modern world of the Internet and photo cards, is it ok to use labels instead of hand addressing? Thank you's seem to require a handwritten address, but since so many folks opt for photo cards and the like, why not go with labels too?

I think ultimately, it's the, er, thought, that counts with holiday cards. Even if you go totally e-centric and email your holiday wishes to folks, they'll most likely be happy that you remembered them. Right?

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