Man Arrested for Posting Baby Swinging Video

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When I watched this video of a man swinging a baby in an alarming manner , I thought it was fake. Actually, I still think (and truly hope) it's not real. But shortly after I watched the original video, it was pulled from YouTube for violation of user agreement.

The news recently broke that the man who posted the video -- not the man who actually swung the baby, mind you -- is claiming he was arrested for intending to distribute child abuse material. He submitted the video, which he said he "found", to Live Leak, and they reported the video to authorities.

While this arrest is surprising, it's clear that authorities are actually going after Mr. Baby Swinger. That must mean that they, at least, think the video could actually be legit. If it is real, it's clearly a case of Parental Stupidity leading to the endangerment of a child.

But I still get the feeling that this entire thing is a a well-made (fake) video that, however misguided and sick, was intended to be a joke. The question is, at what point did the joke go too far?

Do you think the man that posted this video should have been arrested?
Joke or no joke, nothing depicting child endangerment should ever be posted.9165 (53.3%)
The man IN the vdeo should be arrested. Leave the man who posted it alone.6068 (35.3%)
This joke was clearly a fake ... people need to lighten up.1619 (9.4%)
Other -- Share with us in comments.339 (2.0%)

These kids need to develop a thicker skin. Their parents scare us!

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