Snow Play for a Snow Day

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We had two snow days in a row last week, unusual for us in early December. The snowfall so far this year has been heavy, suggesting there will be plenty more opportunities this winter to sleep in, ditch the routine for the day, and play in the snow.

Many parents dread snow days, with good reason. Maybe they'll have to scramble to find alternate childcare on short notice, or maybe they had plans to get some work done and now they have a houseful of excited children eating away at their nerves.

When it comes to snow days, adopting an "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" attitude can turn the dreaded snow day into one of family fun. Who knows? Maybe next time it'll be you eagerly watching the morning news, hoping for a day off. Here are 10 ideas for turning your snow day into a play day.

Snow Play for a Snow Day(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Go SleddingBuild an IglooPaint in the SnowMake an Ice CandleHunt for Animal Tracks

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