Woman Sues Doctor After Painful Childbirth

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hospitalThere are no two ways about it: giving birth is painful. But what if your doctor seems to be doing everything in his power to make it even more so? As crazy as that sounds, that is exactly what former Chicago police officer Catherine Skol says the doctor in charge of her labor and delivery did. And she's suing him for it.

Skol says her regular doctor was out town when she she went into labor with her fifth child last March. When she arrived at Rush University Medical Center at 4am, she was assigned to Dr. Scott Pierce. Four hours later, she says Dr. Pierce showed up, reprimanding her for not calling before heading to the hospital. Skol claims that he insisted that there was no time for pain medications and that she would get the pain she deserved for not calling ahead. "Sometimes pain is the best teacher," he allegedly said to a nurse.

If she could have, I am sure Skol would have gotten herself up and out of there at that point. For obvious reasons, she could not. Instead she says she endured a painful vaginal exam in the middle of a contraction and was then told to start pushing even though she was not fully dilated. In her lawsuit, Skol claims that when she or hospital staff questioned Dr. Pierce, he berated them and said to Skol, "Shut up, close your mouth, and push."
And if all that wasn't enough, Skol accuses him of finishing up the job by using an excessively large needle to give her unnecessary stitches after the birth. "It was the worst pain I ever had in my life," said 40-year-old Skol. "I just don't want him to hurt another person."

This may sound unbelievable, but it is clear that officials at Rush University Medical Center believe it. Although Dr. Pierce is in private practice and not a member of the Rush staff, the hospital investigated Skol's claims. Dr. Pierce was disciplined with a written warning and put on indefinite probation. In addition, the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation is looking into the case.

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