Favorite Holiday Toys of Yore

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They just don't make toys like they used to. I'm all for advances in technology and whatnot, but I really appreciate--and miss--the quality and craftsmanship of the toys that were around when I was a kid. They seemed to be built better, last longer, and made better use of one's imagination. The best toys of all, of course, were those we wished for all year, asked Santa for, and, if we were super lucky, actually received. Some of my fondest memories of holidays when I was a kid include opening just those types of presents on Christmas day. Well before Christmas Eve they'd be sitting under the tree wrapped so well I couldn't possibly know what they were. Others were delivered by the jolly old elf himself while I slumbered ever so lightly, full of anxiety (the good kind) at what the morning would bring.

My parents would eventually be roused from their slumber, and, with coffee cup in hand, wrapped in their robes and feet tucked warmly into socks and then house slippers, pile up on the couch and watch me open my presents. I realize only now how much joy it gave them to watch me rip away at the paper, the excitement of what lay under it second only to the screams of happiness I shrieked when I received, for example, my Barbie Dream House.

My Barbie Dream House, which I only recently parted with after it sat in my parents' basement for a number of years even after I'd permanently relocated to New York, was the ultimate Christmas gift for me, ever. I loved everything I ever received from Santa, et al, for the holidays, but nothing gave me such a thrill as the Dream House. It was one of the last toys to go once I became an adult, and I still think on it fondly, although I do wonder what living in a house with so much yellow and pink might do to an actual person.

Below are my ParentDish colleague's favorite Christmas presents they received as kids. These are oldies but oh-so-goodies!

Favorite Christmas Presents From Childhood(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Barbie Dream HouseBarbie Dream PoolLite BriteToss AcrossRub-a-Dub


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