Mom Denied Cell Phone - For Being a Mom

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A young woman talking on a cell phoneButcher, baker, candlestick maker -- all noble professions, indeed. Stay-at-home Mom? Well, get a real job. At least, that's what one Australian mom was told when she went to buy a cell phone. Lyndal Fair, a thirty-six-year-old mother of three, wanted to purchase a mobile phone, presumably to keep track of her brood, to call their schools and doctors and to be available in an emergency. Not good enough, said Vodafone -- they don't sell phones to moms.

In fact, the store employees suggested she get her husband to purchase the phone under his name for her. Sound familiar? "I couldn't believe it. It was like being back in the '50s," said Mrs. Fair. "Being a mum is a full-time job and it's a very hard job - the hardest job you can have - because if you get it wrong, the ramifications for everyone are enormous," she added.

Dont Say This to a Pregnant Woman!

    Pregnancy is an exciting time, so it's only natural that you want to join in the fun and chat with mom-to-be about her impending bundle of joy. Just watch your mouth, or you could sound like a jerk!

    Getty Images

    "Was it planned?"
    It sure doesn't matter now, does it?

    Getty Images

    "How are you feeling?"
    Pregnant women get asked this about 10,000 times a day. They are fine.

    Getty Images

    "Whoa, you're still pregnant?"
    Trust us, she's well aware that the baby is still in there.

    Getty Images

    "Will you have any more after this one?"
    This is not the moment to discuss future children -- one at a time, people.

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    "I can see it [the pregnancy] in your face."
    What you mean is "you have that pregnant glow," but what you're saying is "your face got fat."

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    "I think a better name would be..."
    Nobody cares. We'll ask what you think when you're the one carrying a baby around for 9 months.

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    "I know a woman who worked/exercised/etc until she went into labor"
    And now we feel like crap because we're not doing those things. Thanks a lot.

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    "You've hardly gained any weight!"
    Your heart is in the right place, but comments like this make women worry that there's something wrong with the pregnancy.

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    "Are you having twins [or triplets]?"
    Basically you're saying she looks enormous so there must be another baby in there.

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A Vodafone spokesman confirmed that the policy does not belong to just one rogue store but to the company as a whole, adding that getting a man to purchase the phone was the easiest solution. The policy is not meant to target moms alone, but anyone the company feels may not be able to afford a phone. "It's not an ideal situation. We're trying to fix it," said Greg Spears, the company spokesman.

I would definitely say this is something the company ought to address. If you ask me, however, the quickest solution is not to have a man buy the phone but to just put down something like "Moms against Vodafone" as the company name.

Should motherhood count as a job?
No - They drop the kids off at school and goof off the rest of the day384 (2.7%)
If you don't get paid, it's not a job507 (3.6%)
It's the company's right to decide who they want to do business with599 (4.3%)
It shouldn't matter how you make a living, just whether or not you can afford the phone6082 (43.5%)
Motherhood is more work than any other job -- and more important too!6416 (45.9%)

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