Bristol Palin's Future Mother-In-Law Arrested

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Sarah Palin's ex-Vice Presidential campaign is edging ever-closer to a Jerry Springer episode -- her daughter Bristol's future mother-in-law has been picked up for drugs.

The Internets were abuzz during Palin's campaign with talk of the governor's then 17-year-old daughter's surprise pregnancy, but seemed generally supportive of Bristol and her 18-year-old beau, Levi. She bravely chose to have the baby, while he quit high school to get a job and support the fam -- and thus potential political disaster was reimagined as courageous young people taking a stab at the American Dream.

But it seems Levi's mom isn't the upstanding citizen her son appears to be. Sherry Johnston has been arrested on drug charges -- but not "sorry officer I smoke a doobie from time to time" drug charges. According to reports, grandma-to-be is on the hook for six felony counts, including "second-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance," which is what they hit you with for manufacturing and distributing narcotics. Ouch.

The baby is due on Saturday, so it seems Sherry will be able to hold her grandson before she's tossed in the slammer (assuming she's not strung out). No word from the Palin's on how this affects their opinion of the future in-laws, but it can't be good.

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