Doctors Remove Fully-Formed Foot From Newborn's Brain

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This may seem like something out of the Weekly World News, but is, in fact, being reported from UK's Times Online. American doctors in Colorado Springs, Colorado, removed a fully-formed foot from the brain of a three-day-old infant after detecting a tumor-like growth in the brain. (Please be advised the picture at the bottom of the article is NOT for the squeamish.)

Doctors also found what appeared to be part of another foot, a hand and a thigh. Most likely this is a case of "fetus in fetu," where a fetus is found growing inside of another fetus, as in twins that didn't separate, but the condition is almost unheard of in the brain.

Newborn Sam Esquibel underwent an MRI that revealed a microscopic tumor in his brain, but was--and is--considered an otherwise healthy baby. All Samuel has to show for it is a small scar on the back of his head, from where the tumor and foot, etc. were removed. He will have to get monthly blood tests to ensure there is no regrowth or cancer. The doc who detected the tumor feels the cause of the growth could be congenital.


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